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The Journey into the Scientific

Wonders of Colour


In a world of great technical advances, the human body and mind still needs careful attention to bring about the correct level of health and vitality.


There are many factors involved in good health.  The food we eat, the exercise we take and the lifestyle we adopt all contribute to our wellness or sickness.


In a perfect world there would be no stress from the rigours of daily life, no struggle in our desires for us or our families.


OUR world is the one we make through the various choices placed before us.  In to-day's wonderful array of communication, almost every form of knowledge is open to anyone who wishes to know.  Information today is the greatest it has ever been.  Anyone can find details of any subject on earth. 


There is a form of healing that has been known for many thousands of years, connected to the very light that makes our world function.


We seem to want to find our cures in technology, yet the simplest, fundamental energies that exist naturally, have been with us all the time and are now partially forgotten.


LIGHT is required for all forms of life to exist on the earth.  Even so, there are plants and animals who have adapted to life in darkness.


Some of our wisest philosophers, scientists and medical experts have discovered that the constituents of visible white light, broken into its radiant colours, are needed to bring about the balances in nature.


COLOUR is one of the driving forces of all life.  It is required at all times and needs to be applied to recreate the balance of normal, natural life.


This can be done in many ways.  Studies have discovered that the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the decoration of our surroundings, all change the way we experience our best health.


When an imbalance occurs in the human body due to the stresses of modern life, COLOUR can address the cause and bring about recovery.


This form of rebalancing the life force and the human framework is open to us all - this knowledge is available.


The AIM of The John Mikell School of Colour is to bring this knowledge to all who wish to have control of their own well-being.


The method taught is how to use COLOURED waves of energy to  balance the diagnosed conditions.


The AIM of the School is to take you on a Journey into the Scientific Healing Properties of Colour.




Some unusual and extreme cases of illness have successfully responded to  Healing With Colour




Healing With Colour is safe and simplistic in its use and does not conflict with conventional medicine - it has been used for thousands of years.





Colour Healing Therapy is suitable for people

of all ages.


Animals & plants also respond to Colour Healing treatment.


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