"It is always a good idea to keep a bottle or glass beaker charged with blue colour to be available to stop germs and bacteria in the very beginning."


Darius Dinshah



If you would like to share your experience of Healing With Colour

 for the benefit of others, please email us:


My dog Storm has enjoyed colour treatment on several occasions, why then it didn't occur to me to seek John's help when I had an eye infection is anyone's guess! 


What started as a small graze under one eye, progressed to red and swollen lids - then, finally, both my entire eyelids could be peeled off nightly.  I felt a real mess!


This situation got progressively worse over a frustrating and miserable two year period during which time I attended the doctor on numerous occasions for a variety of prescriptions. I was referred to hospital for patch testing, and avoided using all beauty products with any hint of chemical or fragrance (eventually resorting to olive oil soap to cleanse and olive oil to moisturise.  Very difficult for a professional woman who always had an elaborate skin care regime!)


Various food groups were taken out of my diet; I stopped using rubber gloves during household chores as rubber was suggested as a possible cause;  stopped sitting on my leather sofa and stopped wearing leather shoes and handbags as leather had been suggested as a cause of irritation. 


An increasing amount of time was spent every morning painstakingly applying make up to cover the red, flaking skin, essential in my role as a Retail Manager.  I was beginning to scare my children, never mind my customers!


I called round one morning with Storm to see John and Margo to get a colour treatment for Storm.  However, John took one look at me and declared my need was much greater!.  It had never occurred to me to ask for help but, willing to try anything, I gratefully agreed to try colour on my eyes.  Within an hour of applying the colour, I was aware of a small but definite improvement to my eyes.  The treatment was very relaxing with a tingling sensation on the area being treated, similar to the sensation of the sun's rays shining on starved skin.  Over the course of the next two weeks, and much to my husband's amusement, I used the portable colour torch at every opportunity.


I am delighted to report that my eyes are now completely clear and have remained so - Thank you John.


Mrs L.R, Dingwall.


I hope that my experience with Healing With Colour will give encouragement to more people like me who are interested in colour.


I have noticed a very big difference in my blood pressure which was over 140/93 and is the reason my doctor wanted to put me on medication.  The reading is now 130/83 and thats having been active doing housework.


I go to sleep every night with the tripod beside my bed with the green filter light on.  I am having the best night's sleep in a very long time as I used to wake up with panic attacks, tossing and turning in my bed as I couldn't get back to sleep.  If I do wake up now, which isn't very often, I just close my eyes and go straight back to sleep.  I wake up so relaxed and refreshed.


I think the whole experience has been wonderful and thank you elver so much for being able to share with me, something as wonderful as colour.

Mrs. S.W. Inverness


On 15th June 2011, I had an appointment with the doctor to determine the nature of a sore on my right hand.  I had at first thought it to be a wart or boil which had become irritated.  The doctor couldn't diagnose the sore and tried to lance it and remove what looked like pus.  It was too hard and scaly.  She made an appointment for me to attend the Dermatoloty Department Clinic attached to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.


Whilst waiting for the appointment I started treating the sore with Indigo colour to reduce the pain and Orange to turn the eruption from a scaly one to a weeping type.  Treatment was carried out each day for as long as possible.


On 28th June, a specialist at the clinic said that the sore was probably due to exposure to the sun and could be a form of skin cancer.  The Clinic Photographer took pictures of the sore.  I was referred to the surgeon who performs operations on tumours related to the skin.


On 25th July, I attended Raigmore Hospital Orthopaedic Department and met the specialist surgeon who diagnosed the problem as either a Kerato Akanthuma or Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the skin, in other words, skin cancer.  He stated that the problem could spread to the lymph nodes.  There would have to be a 3 inch incision to remove all the tissue affected, a course of antibiotics to prevent infection and about 6 stitches to close the wound which would heal in 4 to 6 weeks.  The nerve nearest the thumb would be affected and a certain loss of touch would be felt.  Meanwhile, the nerves in the hand would be weakened and could have further loss of feeling.  The question was asked whether I would like to make an appointment for the operation, which could be completed in the next few days.


I replied that I would like to apply a healing therapy to the hand and return to the hospital in four weeks, to which the doctor agreed.


During the next four weeks, Orange was used on the hand at every opportunity and I have to admit that the healing process seemed very slow with small signs of the lump reducing.  Then the top erupted and came off which allowed blood to come from the wound.  It became painful, so Indigo was used also, to reduce the lump and take away the pain.  After two weeks, the sore was definitely getting smaller and not looking so angry.  It was at this stage that I continued the treatment with Turquoise colour.


On 24th August, I attended the Hospital and presented the hand to the surgeon who seemed lost for words temporarily.  He remarked that the tumour had reduced considerably and now did not need his services for an operation.  He also stated that the sore may have been a non-cancerous type and would have cleared up on it's own.  He asked me if I had any further questions to which I replied "No, do you have any?"  He replied "No", so he never did know that colour healing had been the instrumental source of recovery.


Today, there is the faintest mark where the sore has been, mainly white skin where that area did not get suntanned.


I am continuing Colour Healing until there is no trace and hopefully no return of the problem.

John Mikell



I had a course of treatment at the Dental Student Clinic in Inverness last year and when the tutor asked me what I had done about the pain in one of my teeth, I told him I used indigo and then green filters - he did a double take!  The dentist shrugged and said "whatever works for you...."   Ms AC



Last night I had the beginnings of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and as I keep a set of colour filters by my bed, I reached out and applied some colours around the navel.  Instead of having vicious cramps, perhaps with diarrhoea and vomiting, I went back to sleep until morning.  Ms AC


My sister is also using coloured filters now.  She came home for a strenuous climbing weekend with very sore legs and muscles but got fast relief with the colours.  Ms AC



Dear John, I wanted to write and tell you how much your colour treatment helped my grand-daughter, Sarah.  She was such an unhappy 18 month old baby when I brought her to see you, and the difference colour treatment has made to her (and her exhausted Mum and Dad!) has been a joy for us all to see.


  I brought you an angry, screaming child who had never slept a  

  whole night through.  She had a troubled history in her little life, and

  was under threat of investigative surgery, which her parents were

  resisting.  This was my first experience with colour healing and I had

  no idea what to expect, or indeed, any expectations. 

  Within 10 minutes of you receiving Sarah, she was lying on your

  settee, basking in the colours like a cat in the sunshine.  It was quite a sight!  When you changed the colour, she didn't like it and became angry and restless again.  One more change of colour and she was once again relaxed and happy.

The result was that Sarah slept right through that night, and the next night.  We continued to see you until a pattern had been established, and eventually there was no need to bring her back.  I am sure she misses seeing you, as her face used to light up and she held out her arms to you when we came in the door!

The whole family has benefited from your colour treatments of Sarah, and she has become a much happier, sweet natured baby.  We all enjoy her now.

Thank you so much.

Mrs MC, Inverness



Dear John, Just a word of thanks for helping my insomnia.  Much to

my amazement, it's really helped!! 


The colour treatment seemed to break a long pattern of bad nights.  I had spent more than a year waking around 3am, and unable to get  back to sleep.  I felt very tired most of the time, and had no energy.  Now I have a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.


Thanks a lot for your help.

Mr CC Inverness



I have worked with Colour for over 3 years now gaining a Diploma in Colour Therapy.  Colour is my passion.  I use Colour Silks which are very beneficial in rebalancing the emotions.  Six months ago I met John Mikell at a Seminar in Stirling and immediately recognised that here was a man just as passionate about Colour as I am. 


John's methodology is Healing With Colour using scientifically tuned colour filters.  I had some experience with Colour in my own training but until I met John, I wasn't convinced that using lamps with coloured filters would work.  Having completed John's Phase 1 course and purchased a Healing With Colour Treatment Package, I now realise the true potential to heal that this therapy provides.  I have used the colour filters on myself with great results.  My swollen left ankle is much better and my eye condition has improved solely by using the recommended treatments.


    I find that using this method of treatment, healing is conducted

  at a much deeper level.  I still use my silks when I am aware of a

  clients emotional needs. 


 Now I am sure John will agree that we all need the benefit of colour to ensure our health is given the best opportunity to keep us illness and stress-free.  I can't wait to learn more on the Phase II course.

Miss EW (Dip.Col.TS), Perth

 Hi John, I will just explain my Burn situation to everyone, I burned my leg on my motorbike, and within minutes it started to sting and it went red.  The next hour we were at my Grandmothers house where John and Margo were staying.  I explained to John that I had burned myself and he went upstairs to fetch the torch and he had an Indigo colour in the torch and he held it over my burn and almost immediately a white 'ring' appeared around the burn and it died down in size and its colour was not as strong.  Then, later we put a Turquoise filter on it to give it back all the nerves and the next day it was better! and the following day it was barely noticeable, this is proof that the colour healing works and myself and John saw it for ourselves!  Thank you!  Ben Collins, Age: 14

It is only correct John, that you should know the difference your colour treatment has made to me.  I had been quite indecisive for the last 3 to 4 years, not able to make up my mind about a lot of things which were going on in my life, which just created mental turmoil.


I have now closed some doors which were proving to be a drain on my time and strength.  I am now much more decisive and I get through tasks more efficiently.  I am also much more able to "stand my ground" with people, in fact, I can really say I have had a much needed "makeover".  I am still the same me - nothing else has changed - only, I am now more in control of my life and feel a balance never felt before. 


So, thank you John for the Gift of Healing With Colour and I do sincerely hope more people are drawn to you for your skills in rebalancing their "out of sync" parts.

God  Bless and Lots of Love.


Miss MC, Inverness.