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Hi Fern: please email:

I am trying to send you a message and it says I don't have a valid phone number. I live in Canada.
Dear John & Margo
Thank you for a wonderful weekend of learning at your Healing with Colour workshop. The knowledge you are sharing is so vital for all of us including our animals! I wish you both continued success on your incredible journey. With love and every good wish, Susan
Hi John, I will just explain my Burn situation to everyone, I burned my leg on my motorbike, and within minutes it started to sting and it went red. The next hour we were at my Grandmothers house where John and Margo were staying, I explained to John that I had burned myself and he went upstairs to fetch the torch and he had an Indigo colour in the torch and he held it over my burn and almost Immediately a white 'ring' appeared around the burn and it died down in size and its colour was not as strong. Then later we put a Turquoise filter on it to give it back all the nerves and the next day it was better! and the following day it was barely noticeable, this is proof that the colour healing works and myself and John saw it for ourselves! Thank You! Ben Collins Age: 14
Thank you both so much for giving me such a fulfilling weekend. I have loved every moment of it and have learned so much. I know it is something that I will continue to use as I have already noticed that my blood pressure has come down a lot since last week. Many thanks to you both. Lots of Love.
Beautiful pics on your website... now I can see the man who is making 'Our Margo' so happy! Hope to meet you sometime soon, Love Anne (Stirling)
Nice Website and it is not too cluttered as some are but it gets the message out.
Best Wishes from DHS
Hi John Mikell.....glad you have expanded your world of color.
My love and good wishes,
Frankie Lynn
Your website is great and we wish you all the best for next year's ventures.
I attended the Colour Healing Course and really enjoyed meeting different people who all shared an interest in colour therapy and would like to thank John for sharing his knowledge. The two day course was amazing, the venue spectacular and I certainly would recommend this course to anyone interested in colour therapy.

Many thanks Norma Scott
I did the Colour Healing Course in October 2010. I thourghly enjoyed the course and all being well plan to do Phase2. Found the aspects of colour just amazing and have already done a few treatments on my husband, who has a long term condition, with excellent results. Was made to feel very welcome and the atmosphere was very relaxed. If you have an interest in Colour Healing then I would recommend this course with John to you. I learned so much on the 2day course. Many thanks to John for sharing his knowledge with all of us. I love the web site and look forward to the newsletters.
Abigail Macmillan