March 2013 course held at The Coach House


Submitted by:  Catherine O'Driscoll, founder of Canine Health Concern.


Every so often, I come across something that is so good that I want to share it.  This weekend, I attended a workshop at The John Mikell School of Colour.  I have witnessed a LOT of natural therapies over the years, but the healing system that John shares is mind blowing.


Who would have thought that a coloured light could take a dog with Pancreatitis and return the dog to the vet without Pancreatitis? Or that coloured light could be directed at a cancerous lump over the course of a month only to have the doctor say he must have misdianosed because the lump is no longer there? 


During the weekend, I witnessed a lady who hobbled due to osteoarthritis and a bodged operation walk freely and a man with Multiple Sclerosis loosening up and gaining extra movement.


John Mikell is a wonderful man.  He's not teaching this therapy for self glory - he's humble, enthusiastic, entertaining, loving and so passionate about this therapy.  I have witnessed many healing systems and this one appears to be right up there at the top.

Get yourself on a course; you won't regret it.

This is an amazing therapy and John is a wonderful teacher, so honoured to be working with colour.  AM


Loving, warm, friendly, excellent, fun & fascinating.  CD


Very well explained and put together. RW


Open forum, easy Q&As, simple and easy explanations.  Good, user friendly. MB


John was very patient with questions.  CC


Relaxed, informal & a very pleasant way to learn.  MC


Fabulous, loved the practical exercises.  Beautifully presented.  DB